We All Know About High Tech – Is There A Low Tech?

“High Tech” and “low tech” are different in many ways, especially on the levels of quality and value. By just looking at products or by experience working with them, we can identify that one is high tech and the other is low tech. With what is evident in the market today, high tech products are far better than low-key products. Many would consider it practical to choose something high tech. But there are other differences between them that we need to look into.

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High Tech and the Low Tech

High Tech products are those which are already using machines or mechanical tools applying innovation and modernization. Practically, they are made to make it work faster and function even better. In recent times. High Tech products are already digitalized where things can possibly be done by buttons and everything works from there. They say it’s a work of wonder.

On the other hand, people perceive a Low Tech as something negative or a setback in technology. To some point and to some instances, it can be. However, for the most part, a Low Tech is also called a Simple Technology. They are non-mechanical things. They are usually the traditional ones. If we would really ponder upon this, the High Tech products got their idea from the Low Tech products or their old version. High Tech products are the more improved version of low tech.

Being in a High Tech society would entail modernized systems and equipment. It introduces state-of-the-art products and cutting-edge innovations. Low Tech might be old and traditional products but they can be essential too. Take for example today, more and more people prefer to use a bicycle to school or work rather than using a car. It is because they want to get rid of traffic and would consider it as an effective means of exercise.

The Rise of Low Technology in the Midst of Modernization

Therefore, as the world moves forward so fast by the use of modern high technology. The low tech is still present and even has started to get popular again. DIY and Handmade products have somehow become popular in recent years. They are available on YouTube and surprisingly, these videos have gathered an enormous number of views. So we can fairly say that if High Tech is everywhere nowadays, the Low Tech is still present and will remain essential and practical for everyone,