What Education Do You Need For IT Jobs?

The Information Technology industry has been in a consistent boom for a couple of decades now due to rapid technological updates. Such an update is the phasing out of the AutoCAD program used by architects and designers, enabling individuals to visualize a 3D model blueprint of an infrastructure. Also, HTML Coded websites like Friendster and MySpace are now overwritten by Facebook which enabled users to sell, learn and even find love by its added features. All of these revolve within the sphere of programming and coding. What we can imply here is that the IT Industry is the job of the future, and those who want to land a high-paying job must hone their academic career track based on what companies require out of an IT Personnel. In this article, we hope to discuss the education levels required to land in this job.

Skilled Worker Level

This level assumes that an individual has finished primary and secondary education so they possess minimum literacy skills to be trained for work. Skilled worker level means a person passed technical vocational education and has been awarded with Certificate in Basic IT Knowledge. We can expect that the person knows basic skills but he still needs training for efficient service.

College level

This is the traditional way to land a job. It means a person must take a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology and graduate within 4 to 5 years. The Diploma will ensure Human Resource personnel that they will be hiring Professionals that can get the job done and eventually climb the corporate ladder. This level means that an individual has a Bachelor’s degree.

Company gained Certification

In this level, the person has a college diploma but it is not necessarily under the Information Technology bracket. This level assumes that the company certified the person for the work.

Master’s level

This means that the person has Mastered a specific niche in Information Technology so he can then work in a managerial position to oversee a project and necessary decision-making processes to deliver it through.

PhD or Doctor of Information level

The person needs to have a Master’s degree before he can study for a Doctorate level. In this regard, the person shall probe study in Information Technology and present it to a panel who will assess its value. In this regard, the person can land a higher paying job due to his credentials.

In our discussion today, we learned about the academic level one can attain to land an Information Technology job.