How The Internet Of Things Works

When you hear the word Internet, it may sound huge, because it refers to a network that connects all together globally. People can communicate and share information, wherever they are, by just having access to the Internet.

But what is the Internet of Things? IoT is a system that has grown worldwide, to include billions of devices that connect to a wireless network.

When did it start?

It was the Coke Vending Machine, the 1st ever device that was connected to the internet. Since then, IoT has exploded and continued to grow and help other devices to be more useful.

What does it do?

The name “Internet of Things” may seem different from what he has learned in the world of digital and wireless networks. But you may recognize it as it is connected better to “smart homes technology”, which uses Bluetooth, Wifi, and even some appliances that can remotely connected to mobile devices.

Our smartphones can play a huge part in our daily lives. It is already a “need” and not a “want” for most people who can’t live with it every day. On the way around, smartphones are also important to IoT, because some IoT devices can be controlled from an application.

Some examples of these are thermostats, vents, humidifiers, door locks, indoor cameras, an air purifier, or even a refrigerator. As long as the device can connect to the internet, and has sensors this can be considered as IoT.

The Advantages of IoT

In this modern world of technology, even we are away from home, we will make sure that our loved ones are safe, and our home is protected from unfortunate events like fire, etc.

1. Security devices like indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor your home and loved ones especially if you have kids. You can stream it live by just checking on your smartphone in just one click when you are away.

2. Turning your lights on and off as you enter and exit the room. This can save up your electricity bills.

3. A smart voice assistant that can make you order fresh food delivered to your door.

4. A doorbell that cannot just alarm or ring if there are people outside your home, but also you can check the person themselves for safety.

5. A smart bathroom scale that can help you with your next workout routine and your diet

As we live in this modern world, technology rises, and everything around us makes it more convenient.