IT, IT, IT – What Does “Information Technology” Really Mean?

IT is Information Technology. It is generally associated with computers and the internet. In the actual sense, IT is highly varied. It is actually diverse and complicated in nature. It ranges from the physical computers and their hardware to the different software used by different programs mainly to store tremendous data and information. IT is therefore a dataset or subset of information and communication technology. 

Why There is IT

The rise of Information technology comes after they seek innovation and modernization. As the Earth moves faster, and so must the technology. The need to improve technology arises due to business and system needs. Doing things quickly and effectively is the greatest motivation why computer analysts and scientist made their way into creating advanced technology. Indeed, information technology has been developed.

IT or Information Technology is a system that stores, receives, and sends information in the form of computers. Innovations are done regularly as the quantity of information to be received, stored, and sent is getting bigger and bigger every time. Therefore, there are new lines of state of the art computers every time. Older versions of computers have mostly become obsolete because they are not anymore compatible with the current data or system used.

The information technology or IT is a business. An industry that is now soaring higher and higher each time. In fact, there are so many IT companies with different IT experts that come out to introduce their latest technology. New computers are the most preferred by everyone. Smartphones are also keeping the pace as they also have their own software that could work wonders to make the human lifestyle even better and more efficient.

IT as Part of Humanity

Therefore, IT is now taking its place in our lives. They are the biggest part of humanity nowadays.  They move people. And we function relying upon the capability of technology. It is so evident for human beings as we cannot live life without checking our computers. Our life is not complete without our smartphones with us. It serves as the other half of us.

What does IT really mean? It is our savior and a partner in making things possible in this lifetime. IT is a tool that makes business and gives entertainment to people. It is precisely the reason why the earth is on the brink of success technically. Indeed, this time, IT is the solution to all major concerns in society.

What Is Blockchain Used For Other Than Bitcoin?

Blockchain is a database that stores data from different transactions. The data gathers and stores by block and it connects and stores continuously to the next transaction which will also form another block of the database. This is a unique kind of data because it cannot be manipulated by any other software or a human being. The information or data on its database is irrevocable, therefore that history of transaction since it started is traceable. The bitcoin transaction is built on a blockchain as the latter is the key to record transactions. Basically, bitcoin as a form of cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain for the fact that it traces data.

Blockchain could work more than its function to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There is a lot more than that. In the near future, it will become even more popular and valuable than bitcoin or others because of its trusted transaction record or network as its data stored is irremediable. To simply say it,   it cannot be altered.

Blockchain and the Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry would then a target for blockchain to penetrate. For the longest time since real estate has started, it would be difficult to recover information and listings about buyers and sellers of properties. With the help of blockchain, everything can be very visible in just a blink of an eye because it will provide comprehensive and trusted information for online marketplaces. It would then takes care of control or substitute any intermediaries involved in real estate transactions such as brokers, banks, and lawyers. Thus, making the business transactions less costly.

Blockchain and the Travel Industry

The Travel Industry has already started to make things or transactions better and easier in the world of travel. There are now online travel transactions run by blockchains that trigger the usual online travel businesses. We all know that when we do book travels to the online travel companies, they add up more surcharges or service charges making the price even higher. But with these new kinds of travel businesses powered by blockchain, you will spend less because there will no more charges to be imposed as they will connect directly to service providers such as airlines, hotels, resorts and etc.

The business powered by blockchain will definitely improve the economy because it promotes fast-paced movement and the most trusted business transactions.

What Education Do You Need For IT Jobs?

The Information Technology industry has been in a consistent boom for a couple of decades now due to rapid technological updates. Such an update is the phasing out of the AutoCAD program used by architects and designers, enabling individuals to visualize a 3D model blueprint of an infrastructure. Also, HTML Coded websites like Friendster and MySpace are now overwritten by Facebook which enabled users to sell, learn and even find love by its added features. All of these revolve within the sphere of programming and coding. What we can imply here is that the IT Industry is the job of the future, and those who want to land a high-paying job must hone their academic career track based on what companies require out of an IT Personnel. In this article, we hope to discuss the education levels required to land in this job.

Skilled Worker Level

This level assumes that an individual has finished primary and secondary education so they possess minimum literacy skills to be trained for work. Skilled worker level means a person passed technical vocational education and has been awarded with Certificate in Basic IT Knowledge. We can expect that the person knows basic skills but he still needs training for efficient service.

College level

This is the traditional way to land a job. It means a person must take a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology and graduate within 4 to 5 years. The Diploma will ensure Human Resource personnel that they will be hiring Professionals that can get the job done and eventually climb the corporate ladder. This level means that an individual has a Bachelor’s degree.

Company gained Certification

In this level, the person has a college diploma but it is not necessarily under the Information Technology bracket. This level assumes that the company certified the person for the work.

Master’s level

This means that the person has Mastered a specific niche in Information Technology so he can then work in a managerial position to oversee a project and necessary decision-making processes to deliver it through.

PhD or Doctor of Information level

The person needs to have a Master’s degree before he can study for a Doctorate level. In this regard, the person shall probe study in Information Technology and present it to a panel who will assess its value. In this regard, the person can land a higher paying job due to his credentials.

In our discussion today, we learned about the academic level one can attain to land an Information Technology job.

We All Know About High Tech – Is There A Low Tech?

“High Tech” and “low tech” are different in many ways, especially on the levels of quality and value. By just looking at products or by experience working with them, we can identify that one is high tech and the other is low tech. With what is evident in the market today, high tech products are far better than low-key products. Many would consider it practical to choose something high tech. But there are other differences between them that we need to look into.

Modern chic business people working in an incredible futuristic & original office space

High Tech and the Low Tech

High Tech products are those which are already using machines or mechanical tools applying innovation and modernization. Practically, they are made to make it work faster and function even better. In recent times. High Tech products are already digitalized where things can possibly be done by buttons and everything works from there. They say it’s a work of wonder.

On the other hand, people perceive a Low Tech as something negative or a setback in technology. To some point and to some instances, it can be. However, for the most part, a Low Tech is also called a Simple Technology. They are non-mechanical things. They are usually the traditional ones. If we would really ponder upon this, the High Tech products got their idea from the Low Tech products or their old version. High Tech products are the more improved version of low tech.

Being in a High Tech society would entail modernized systems and equipment. It introduces state-of-the-art products and cutting-edge innovations. Low Tech might be old and traditional products but they can be essential too. Take for example today, more and more people prefer to use a bicycle to school or work rather than using a car. It is because they want to get rid of traffic and would consider it as an effective means of exercise.

The Rise of Low Technology in the Midst of Modernization

Therefore, as the world moves forward so fast by the use of modern high technology. The low tech is still present and even has started to get popular again. DIY and Handmade products have somehow become popular in recent years. They are available on YouTube and surprisingly, these videos have gathered an enormous number of views. So we can fairly say that if High Tech is everywhere nowadays, the Low Tech is still present and will remain essential and practical for everyone, 

What Schools Teach IT Courses?

When you are in the US, IT courses are some of the most-commonly available ones at the university level. As the IT industry is growing globally, the need for people who are IT experts is increasing rapidly. Therefore, IT courses are in demand. Given the capability of technology in the US and the constant personnel demands, it would make sense to look for schools that offer courses in information technology.

One of the States in the US producing IT experts is the State of Illinois. They offer IT to enthusiasts and lovers of technology. The lessons are given face to face and online, given this pandemic situation.

IT Schools in Illinois

Illinois Institute of Technology – This is one of the best schools in Chicago Illinois giving only the best education to students. They provide relevant education in an IT environment. They are internationally recognized in the field of education and research and are proven to have proven their expertise and skills. Their IT programs are focused on innovation and transforming their ideas into great outcomes or actual products. The school is complete with the necessary tools and equipment. They are also provided by the research team on the recent modernization and development.

DePaul University – This is school also offers the best IT courses. They have the College of Computing and Digital Media. It offers courses from the traditional ones like Computer Science, Information System, graphic design to the most recent courses like Computing and Digital Media. Surely students here will get satisfaction from its unparalleled competence.

Northeastern Illinois University – This University is really at pace with what is necessary at this time. They have Bootcamp where you can learn and will practically experience the wonders of IT. As they were saying, being in a Bootcamp will give you a huge chance to have a financially successful career in the near future. In fact, they are so proud of their graduates as they are now working in top IT companies in the world.

Needless to say that IT Courses still continue as the trend in the field of education. Much more now that everything is controlled and operated by technology. The demand for IT graduates is now being soaring high.

There are also schools giving IT programs in the US. Choose the ones with a good reputation and a high trust rating among the others.

Tech Education: What Makes The Best Employees?

Education is a determining factor in each individual’s professional life. It is the basis of companies’ hiring decisions as well, since the most-qualified candidate is often the most-educated one. That doesn’t always mean finding applicants from Harvard or Yale; very often, the best candidates have been educated at technical schools that provide courses that more directly apply to operations at tech firms.

It is by far this method of choosing the right candidate for the job post that has been the long-running way of companies in getting the person they want. Sometimes this method may not apply to some technically educated individuals. Or those people who graduated from IT schools.

The current education system even recognizes those who graduate with a GED as a qualification for technical school admission. After graduation from technical schools. A graduate from IT schools should also undergo a minimum of 34 credit hours and a year of experience to allow for work admission. The task is very tedious during the application and screening of individual applicants.

Many companies have their list of requirements to accept any applicant to the company. If an applicant falls short of this requirement set by the company, the tendency is that they may or may not be allowed to work for them. Each year, companies upgrade their list of requirements.  The companies adapt to the changes in the educational system present in the location of the workplace being applied by each graduate.

For graduates from technical schools, they depend on tech news. This news is provided to them by their schools. Upgrade made on the list of companies for technical positions accepted to the company. There are very few IT positions offered in most companies, but lots of graduates apply for them. Application is looking more like survival of the fittest applicant. The more experience and education an applicant holds. The better chances for them to land a job with a company.

Online applications to IT positions are slowly becoming popular with applicants. It is easier for them to apply online than on an actual walk-in application to the company. Everything is done online for these current days. The age requirements and list of requirements posted by companies have been lessened by them. This is a new move by each company to accommodate skillful talents to the company.

Companies can give equal opportunities to individuals who are skillful but with lesser educational requirements gained from education. They consider more the skills and not only the applicant’s education alone.

How The Internet Of Things Works

When you hear the word Internet, it may sound huge, because it refers to a network that connects all together globally. People can communicate and share information, wherever they are, by just having access to the Internet.

But what is the Internet of Things? IoT is a system that has grown worldwide, to include billions of devices that connect to a wireless network.

When did it start?

It was the Coke Vending Machine, the 1st ever device that was connected to the internet. Since then, IoT has exploded and continued to grow and help other devices to be more useful.

What does it do?

The name “Internet of Things” may seem different from what he has learned in the world of digital and wireless networks. But you may recognize it as it is connected better to “smart homes technology”, which uses Bluetooth, Wifi, and even some appliances that can remotely connected to mobile devices.

Our smartphones can play a huge part in our daily lives. It is already a “need” and not a “want” for most people who can’t live with it every day. On the way around, smartphones are also important to IoT, because some IoT devices can be controlled from an application.

Some examples of these are thermostats, vents, humidifiers, door locks, indoor cameras, an air purifier, or even a refrigerator. As long as the device can connect to the internet, and has sensors this can be considered as IoT.

The Advantages of IoT

In this modern world of technology, even we are away from home, we will make sure that our loved ones are safe, and our home is protected from unfortunate events like fire, etc.

1. Security devices like indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor your home and loved ones especially if you have kids. You can stream it live by just checking on your smartphone in just one click when you are away.

2. Turning your lights on and off as you enter and exit the room. This can save up your electricity bills.

3. A smart voice assistant that can make you order fresh food delivered to your door.

4. A doorbell that cannot just alarm or ring if there are people outside your home, but also you can check the person themselves for safety.

5. A smart bathroom scale that can help you with your next workout routine and your diet

As we live in this modern world, technology rises, and everything around us makes it more convenient.